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Case Study

The time when newspaper ads, commercials, billboards etc. were doing their job to get you the business has gone. Today, in this digital world, making your online presence felt has become an obvious task.

Digital marketing is something that requires constant re-evaluation of strategies to keep your business ahead of the competition. Trends keep on changing, and so the needs of your customers.

Social media platforms are already stuffed with feeds and there are possible chances that your post may get lost in the overwhelming gale of information. Only a mere online presence is not enough! More effort is needed to get your products to the target audiences.

SEO and Digital Marketing- Engr SEO

SEO and Digital Marketing Project

For three years we helped ultraworld Baby Scanning services in uk within the health sector to increase their organic traffic from Google by working on onsite and offsite SEO.

SEO Services in Bd - Engr SEO

SEO and Digital marketing

Find out how our SEO and Content Marketing teams helped tech ics software company in uk to dramatically increase their search ranking, organic traffic, and their sales in only nine months.

Youtube SEO - Engr SEO

Fulki TV YouTube Channel SEO

Our 360° approach to Video SEO & YouTube Optimization helped deliver a massive improvement in rankings for the entire set of 500 keywords. Over the 5 month period from April ’18 to August ’18, the overall performance of the YouTube Channel improved immensely:
Organic Views - increased by 147%
Keyword Rankings:
# of Keywords in Top 3 – 307 vs 156 earlier i.e. increase of 97%

Web Design Project - Engr SEO

Web Design Project

South Asia Centre for Medical Physics and Cancer Research (SCMPCR)
Technology we have used to build this product
1. PHP CodeIgniter.
2. JQuery.
3. Ajax.
4. JavaScript.
5. Html 5 & CSS3.
6. Bootstrap

Software Development - Engr SEO

Radix School Management System Project

Radix School management system is a complete school management software designed to automate a school system. This System will help to create student’s information, parent’s information, admin information, teacher information, attendance report, payment report, class routine, esults report accounting report, library report, transport report, hostel information, noticeboard, SMS system etc. This system is used more than 27 Educational institute.

Ecommerce Web Design Project - Engr SEO

Ecommerce Web Design Project

prioshop approached EDMI BD to build an online shop. They wanted a simple but an effective user friendly website for their growing customers. At the same time, prioshop wanted to have their entire website dynamic, so they can make changes where required to their website contents to their stocks. It was a challenging project, but something that we needed to help in supporting prioshop growth in the fashion industry.

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